WP ieCard – WordPress eCard Plugin

WP ieCard is a WordPress eCard plugin used to send eCard to your buddies. The plugin is very simple to use.

Start your own eCard site! or create your own ecard store with payment gateway. Setup an ecard store for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s day, Easter or Halloween and many more. Enjoy ecard!!

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WP ieCard – WordPress eCard Plugin Features:

Here you will find the main features which are included in our WP iEcard Plugin.

  • Create multiple eCard store for various categories.
  • Five inbuilt eCard form style.
  • Five inbuilt eCard image listing style with masonry layout.
  • Better UI representation to the user.
  • WordPress media uploader for eCard images. Choose eCard images from media gallery.
  • Easy Drag & Drop features for eCard images.
  • Display image title and description. Tell something about eCard images.
  • eCard Scheduling.
  • Rich Text Editor functionality for eCard message.
  • Video eCard functionality.
  • Mark as a Complete functionality to eCard log.
  • Resend email functionality from admin.
  • View in Browser mail functionality.
  • PayPal Payment integration while sending eCard.
  • Better email representation for eCard.
  • Three types of eCard email display style. (Simple Plain Text, Email with GUI and etc)
  • Multiple Admin notification when eCard was sent.
  • Track how many eCard was sent.
  • Track number of sent for eCard image also!!.
  • Track number of eCard was sent by particular login user.
  • Choose different price for different different eCard store.
  • Choose eCard image size you want to display.
  • Open eCard images in a popup for better visualization.
  • Manage eCard form fields label, placeholder and enable/disable it per eCard store wise.
  • Google reCaptcha integration with eCard form.
  • Manage eCard success message and error message per eCard wise.
  • Better eCard log system for sent eCard.
  • Captures the sent eCard data. Better eCard log system for sent eCard with searching.
  • Export sent eCard log data / entries as a CSV file.
  • Restriction for site guest members, login member or members with particular roles.
  • Set Thank You page globally or per eCard store wise after eCard was sent.
  • Many more other settings in plugin.
  • 100% multilanguage – WP ieCard is completely translatable both in front and back-end.